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Montessori Noise Sound Boxes 4( Pair)

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  • Introduce the child to the world of sounds with this Montessori activity that helps a child differentiate sound levels
  • The set comprises four pairs of boxes - one set painted yellow and the other are red
  • The noise boxes produce different levels of sound -mild, soft, loud and very loud
  • The child has to pair the boxes according to the level of noise, and eventually also grade the sound from soft to loud

How to Use

  1. Arrange all the cylinders is mixed up. Ask child to pick one yellow cylinder and shake it and listen to the sound
  2. Now ask the child to pick a red cylinder and shake it and listen to the sound. Ask the child whether the yellow and red cylinder sound is the same. If the sound is same, child will pair the cylinders
  3. Similarly, ask the child to pair all other cylinders


  • You can also play a memory game with this toy by placing the yellow-colored cylinders in different places in the house. The child will pick the red cylinder and listen to the sound. He needs to remember where the yellow cylinder is kept and pair it. This develops memory as well.
  • These are not the standard specification as per Montessori norms




Model No


Age Group

3 - 10 years

Product Type

Learning & Exploration


High-quality Wood




20*10*10 Centimeters


1 Pack 

What is in the box?

4 pairs of sound boxes

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