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Montessori Hanging Number Learning Rod

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A set of wooden rods hanging from a stand that indicate quantities from 1 to 10,

  • This is the first introduction to a fixed quantity
  • The child sees the visual display of numbers from 1 to 10 and each of the quantities hanging below in the shape of a rod, this gives the child a quantity indication

Then the child can bring down the rods from the stand and work with them in various ways,

  1. Arranging rods in parallel lines
  2. Keeping 2 rods (eg 3 and 5) together and adding up to 8
  3. Can do 8 -1 = 7 and so on

It is important that the child is introduced to the fixed quantity before he is introduced to a loose quantity like counters. Following Skills can be developed using this,

  1. Quantity recognition and counting
  2. Number identification
  3. Sequence of Numbers
  4. Single digit addition & Subtraction

A Wooden stand has a Keyway plate back side to hang on the wall. If you cannot nail, use a two side foam sticker to stick on the wall. Stick it at a suitable height as a child can reach it. Rods are made of high-quality Ivory wood and are painted in two different colors viz red and blue. This helps in differentiating the numbers sensorial and helps in easy understanding of numbers to the child.

The length of the rods increases by one inch from Number 1 to Number 10.




Model No


Age Group

3 - 10 years

Product Type

Learning & Exploration


High-Quality Wood




30*11*7 Centimeters


1 Pack 

What is in the box?

A set of wooden rods hanging from a stand that indicate quantities from 1 to 10

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