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Montessori Geometric Shape Insert Learning Board

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This is a simple puzzle set where one board provides an introduction to different shapes and the child needs to place the right shape in the right insert.

  • The Board is made of high-quality MDF and is laser cut to get the accuracy and precision
  • Each shape cut out is fixed with a Knob which also helps the child to develop pencil holding activity
  • The Geometrical shape puzzle board has 9 different shapes viz Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Oval, Ovoid, Rhombus, Pentagon, Hexagon
  • Each of the shapes are well finished and are painted in different colors

How to use

  1. The initial level, ask child to remove each shape cut out and put it back immediately
  2. Second level, ask the child to remove all the shape cut out and keep it on the mat/table. Now ask child to pick any one shape and then child it identifies the right socket in the board which match the shape
  3. The third level, Show anyone socket in the board and then ask the child to identify the right shape cut out and place it on the board
  4. The fourth level, Introduce the names of each shape. When you introduce the names, let the child hold the knob in the left hand. Using the right hand let the child trace the outer layer of the shape to feel the shape. Then introduce the name of the shape
  5. The fifth level, tells the child to bring a rectangle shape. The child now has to pick the rectangle cut out and bring to you. Then tell the child to place square cut out in the board
  6. The sixth level, make the child blind using a blindfold or handkerchief. Give one shape cut out and then ask child to feel the shape outer layer and then ask child to name the shape
  7. The seventh level, Take each shape cut-outs and place it on a blank paper/book, ask the child to trace the outer line using a pencil. Ask the child to color the inner part using a crayon or color pencil. while tracing, the color should not spread out of the borderline
  8. Memory game- child hides the shape cutout in the room and ask the child to bring the shape matching the socket inboard




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Age Group

3 - 10 years

Product Type

Learning & Exploration


High-Quality Wood




25*10*7 Centimeters


1 Pack 

What is in the box?

A Geometrical shape puzzle board of 9 different shapes with knobs

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