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Ariro Colored Simple Stacker Toy

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Stacking is more than playing

When children sit and stack they are doing more than just playing. They are exploring and solving. For toddlers stacking toys you introduce ought to be simple with clear goals and not over whelming or burdening. Introducing one ring and gradually increasing the number of rings in recommended.

Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving

Your little one will be incorporating  numerous skills into a simple activity like stacking. They get to stabilize and explore all the skills like Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving. It also exercises their grasp and release movements.

Understanding spatial relations and Numbers

While exploring a stacking toy a child gets an idea as to how spaces work and what can fit into what. It makes them aware of space and size. The foundation to numbers can be laid with the stacking toy. We can encourage them to count and sequence objects.

Language skills

The number of language explosions is myriad. Your toddler can learn numerous new words like ""big"", ""bigger"", ""small"", ""smaller"" and prepositions like ""on top of"", ""over"", ""under"" etc. This can also be used to introduce colors.

Creative play

The room for creative play is very important for a complete development. Creative play will begin after the child has achieved the primary goal of the toy. This allows cognitive development in your little one.

Clean and Care Instructions

  • Clean with a damp Cloth Clean the toy regularly with a damp cloth
  • Avoid washing with water Refrain from soaking wooden toys in water as they may swell or deform
  • Keep away from humidity To avoid mould, please store wooden toys in a dry place free of humidity. If the toy is exposed to humidity, air it out in a dry place
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight Do not expose wooden parts to direct sun light as cracks may occur
  • Do not apply chemicals Do not use ethanol, bleach or other harsh chemical products when cleaning as it may lead to colour fading




Marketed By


Model No


Age Group

12+ Months

Product Type

Stacker Toy


Neem Wood


456 Grams




9.5*8.5*8.5 cm


1 Unit

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1 Colored Simple Stacker Toy

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