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Ariro was born alongside the birth of our baby. We the co-founders, Nisha (A Montessori teacher) and Vasanth (an Entrepreneur), had our baby girl in the year 2016. We always had an inclination towards giving her a very Montessori environment for her development. It started with making homemade mobiles that she could look at.

We started researching extensively, traveling across the globe. We went to places like France and Indonesia, analyzing the kind of toys found in each of these places. Beijing also conducts a huge toy expo where a lot of players from this sector set up their stalls. Visiting here also helped us gauge how developed the toy manufacturing sector was in terms of wooden toys. It was there we realized that there was a huge gap in what the Indian toy market had to offer. Upon our return, we started to look at villages in India with local artisans making wooden toys.

We found several artisans who had the skill set but lacked the market knowledge. We trained them to manufacture our designs and provided them the raw materials. Once the quality was satisfactory for us we hit the market. We launched Ariro in April 18. We tested the waters with few SKU’s and the results were motivating.

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